It starts with you.

Starting a company can be a long, lonely, and difficult journey. Most startups will not succeed, and most successful entrepreneurs have failed on multiple occasions. However, the persistent entrepreneur will see these failures for what they truly are: obstacles on the way to success.

There are few careers that can offer the same level of excitement and fulfillment. From initial idea to launch to growth, every milestone is a step toward the ultimate goal of adding value to the lives of as many as possible.

The UT Dallas E-Club is a community of students and startup mentors dedicated to helping each other on their entrepreneurial journeys. Whether you have an idea and are looking for a cofounder or are simply looking into a career in startups, E-Club can help you reach your goals.

We thrive because we understand that, above all else, entrepreneurs need each other to be successful.

So let's get started. 🚀


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“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” — Guy Kawasaki